I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. I am only 30 years old and I am angry! I started chemo 7 weeks ago one pill once a week thought I could do it all by myself… I was wrong! between work, being in college and my children there’s no time to take care of myself and as the weeks went on I got sicker. the first person I told was my boyfriend week 4 I think that was only because he’s coming to see me I was losing weight and he would have noticed something! Then I told my sisters… who have been strong amazing and supportive. finally during week 6 when I could could no longer hide the dizziness and fatigue the vomiting and the pain I told my parents. Seeing my dad try to stay strong as he hugged me and then going to sit in his desk chair across the room and turn around so I didn’t see him cry hurt me more than anything in this world. today in week 7 day 2 I feel horrid I think I’ve had a fever for at least a week and a half I’m exhausted starving and my head hurts so bad… I’m not sure that I have the strength to fight thisthat’s something we won’t know until it’s over but I do know that the only thing keeping me going is my family, my boyfriend and the five little monsters that we have between us! I just want them all to know how much I love them!


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I am a single mom with 3 Beautiful little Monsters and 2 others that I love as if they were my own! Life for me was never easy but I never knew that anything was wrong! I have never felt normal... I care too much and I give too much even after betrayal, but I have become bold brave and strong but I'm still so Afraid. Afraid of loosing myself, afraid of being alone, afraid of never being loved. Writing helps me to breath and so does photography... I'm not amazing at anything but the things that I love I put all of me into! I hope you read and enjoy everything here for it is my soul poured out onto paper! Any questions feel free to ask XOXO T View all posts by beautifullybroken

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